HDD Fan Control

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Optimum Settings for HDD Fan Control for drive x

Optimum Settings for HDD Fan Control for drive x?
HDD Fan Control comes with default values that are good for 99% of drives, but they are a bit conservative, hence your fan may be a bit louder than with Apple’s stock HDD Fan Control, you may wish to adjust these values for your specific drive, to do this effectively we recommend finding the HDD manufacturers temperature ratings for your HDD before adjusting. What follows are recommendations only. An effective way of setting your fans is to establish the upper temperature limit of your drive and having the fan at full speed around 5C below this, once this is set, set your minimum rpm to a value that is comfortable for you, i.e. as high as you can not hear the fan normally around 1400rpm. Then set the temperature the fan will speed up from to just above the normal operating temperature of the drive with your new minimum speed. This will have your drive being cooled to the maximum acceptable for you at most times when at its standard operating temperature, then ramping the fan speed to full before your drives upper limit when it is in heavy use.