HDD Fan Control

Reduce Fan Noise and Protect your Drive.


Thanks for an awesome program. You have calmed my HDD wows.– Geoffrey

Software works perfectly! Great relief from that fan noise. – Lauri, Finland

Thank you for the quick fix, it works – Dániel

It runs like a charm. – Bo, Sweden

OMG, I totally did not believe this was going to work.
I took in my computer for a new hard drive and I as soon as I got it home the fan went crazy.
I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue to work that way. Within seconds of installing this program the fan instantly went off. My sanity is restored!
Thanks! – Amy, Indiana US

Thanks for the Fan Control software.
The fan noise was freaking annoying after I replaced my 1TB HDD with a 2TB HDD. even though I replaced the HDD with the same brand (Seagate) that utilized the same temperature plug.
I even went back into the computer twice to double check all connections. Your codes saved me from reinstalling my old 1TB HDD. – Kalvin, Oregon US

Thank you so much for this software, it does EXACTLY what I need and saves me having to buy and install a temperature sensor to stick to the HDD (or jumper the existing sensor cable to disable monitoring of the HDDtemp)! Your software saved me from any of the other nasty solutions. – Ian, Australia

Its great software and saved me a whole heap by enabling me to change out my HDD on my own, and not spend a lot of money.
Apple already has way too much of my money already!! – Colin, UK

Can’t even tell you how much I appreciate your work.
My wife was close to tossing the iMac out the window to get rid of the noise.
I replaced a failed drive out of warranty with the same model (but no apple firmware) months ago. Wasn’t comfortable with the short solution, and Apple “genius” support told me I needed to buy an “apple” drive.
Thanks again. – John, Tennessee US

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for providing this excellent software at a very reasonable price…
Unfortunately, I’ve found it about 3 weeks too late — just replaced my HDD and had to buy a new sensor cable, as I accidentally removed some of the insulation on the wire…
This app would have been a much quicker, and cheaper, fix than ordering a whole new cable and dealing with 6500RPM for 2 weeks =) – Mat, Canada

We used this software to control the fan. By default, HDD Fan Control sets the speed of the fan to 1000 rpm, which is much quieter than the 6000 rpm that the fan spins at without the utility.
To get the iMac working so I could observe the fan, I used HandBrake to convert a DVD file that was ripped to the hard drive. HDD Fan Control sped up the fan to keep the temperature down. – MacWorld

Finally, I found HDD Fan Control. Installed it and instantly, the HDD fan went back down to 1600 rpm and the iMac was silent again.
What a relief! – Samantha, Paris

HDD Fan Control rocks, saved my sanity after replacing a failed 1TB Seagate drive in my 2009 iMac.
Thanks! – Mike, UK

Thanks guys for a great app that solve one of the most irritating issues with Apples policies.
All I need to know now is how do I claim the cost back from Apple?
Keep up the good work. – Mark, Italy

Just wanted to extend my thanks for developing this software!
I'm an audio engineer who was highly annoyed that the fans were going full blast, HUGE problem for any recording.
You are a life saver! – Jordan, California US

Just replaced my drive with a new one yesterday as my warranty had ran out and found about your program which fixed my fan issue instantly, thank you for saving me a few bucks and lots of hair!!! – Fred, UK

I love the app.
I am a proud owner. – Jeff, Pennsylvania US

I purchased HDD Fan Control a few months back and it really works great!
I have been very happy with it. – Juston, Georgia US

Running well, no more fan noise!!!
Brilliant. – Steven, UK

I've successfully installed your app on both partitions and the HDD fan is now under control both in Snow Leopard and Lion.
The silence is absolutely wonderful!
Thanks for helping to prolong my sanity! – Jim, Wisconsin US

A little while ago I bought this software for my iMac, and it works amazingly and I am so happy with my purchase. – Nathan, Australia

This was EXACTLY what I needed!
After a week without my iMac, I received it back from the service shop just to find that the fan was going crazy.
At first I thought I would have to bring it back again for more service, but this software solution did the trick.
Thanks for the product, guys! – Kas, Netherlands

Wonderful, thanks so much! – Joshua, Wisconsin US

3 words. I LOVE YOU! – Alessandro, Italy

App is working great!
Keeping things cool and quiet! – Shay, Florida US

Merci beaucoup pour toute l'équipe! – Redouane, France

Whoever thought of this product should be given a medal.
Excellent the noise died right down. wow. – Cornelius, UK

I just got a crosier SSD drive my fan temperature was crazy loud.
I got the fan control it works great can't complain – Haroutun, California US

I'm not one for writing reviews or sending feedback but in the case of HDD Fan Control I just had to!
I replaced a near dead hard drive in a 27" late 2009 iMac a couple of days ago and although the operation was a success I have since fallen victim to the HDD fan spinning itself up into a frenzy of 5500rpm and giving everyone in the office a headache! I was at a loss as to what to do about it especially as I found out about the firmware issue which basically means that you're stuffed really. Then I stumbled across your website. Bought and installed the HDD Fan Control software this morning. It worked immediately and has continued to do so all day so far. Awesome.
Problem very much solved. Possibly the best money I've ever spent!! Well done guys for a great bit of kit. – Dave, UK

Great service, thanks so much.
You've got yourself a happy and loyal customer. – Jeffrey, LA

Just purchased.
Works great, thanks. – Paul, Canada

The OS X version works as intended, which is awesome. :) – Mikko, Finland

I purchased HDD Fan Control at the beginning of September and it is working well, thank you. – Brian, UK

It appears that you have the best fix for my hard drive issue and I've been through a bunch. – Robert, Colorado US

I've bought HDD Fan Control for my 21" iMac and it works perfectly with Lion. – Dirk, Germany

Well, thanks for your replies and your support.
The software is just what I needed.
Great and thanks! – Meagan, California US

This is an amazing piece of software and we hope it really DOES do the trick that OWC wants to keep to themselves. – Mick, California US

I used the demo of your product on my iMac, and as soon as I installed it, the fans started to work normally.
I like it !
I'm so glad that I found your website. – Sal, Indiana US

It worked perfectly. – Kenny, Ontario CA

I installed your app tonight and it controlled my fan right away. – Joel, Arizona US

Just bought HDD fan control yesterday and it's working wonderfully. – Karl, Iceland

This is a fantastic product and I have been happy ever side I first got it!! – Matt, Utah US

I purchased HDD Fan Control and it works great while in OSX - thanks! – Mike, Colorado US

I love your application in OSX its a life saver. – Jeffrey, Pennsylvania US

Love it for Mac. Keep up the good work. – Bradley, Australia

Great Application!
I was using smcFanControl with apple scripts to set the fan speed.
That application worked at startup, but I had to make scripts to override after wake from sleep. I was not savvy enough to write a script to do that as well, so it was a manual task.
The main problem with that setup was my Mac would wake from sleep on its own when I was not around, and I would return to a full fan speed Mac...not that happy.
Your application solved this problem and is well worth the money! – Gavin, Massachusetts

Again I can't tell you how much appreciate all your work. – Daniel, Missouri

Very good! Thanks for all your work! – Jonathan, Ohio

"Just replaced my drive with a new one yesterday as my warranty had ran out and found about your program which fixed my fan issue instantly, thank you for saving me a few bucks and lots of hair!!!
Regards, A satisfied customer.." – Fred, Wales

Your app has saved my sanity which I was in danger of losing due to the hard drive fan roaring and messing up my guitar recording. – Jeff, LA

What a great and simple fix for my noisy fan ! Thanks !! Saved me taking my iMac to bits again and mess about :-) – Carl, Liverpool UK

Bonjour, BRAVO !!! pour votre travail, j'ai pu installer dans mon iMac 27 pouces, un western digital Vélociraptor 600 gb. Tout fonctionne a merveille ! Merci encore Bien cordialement – Alain, France UK

After installing a solid state drive, there was huge fan noise on my 2006 iMac. :-( Found smcFanControl but it didn't work on this old iMac with Lion. :-( :-( I found and downloaded and this fixed my problem. Yay! Anyone wondering if it will work for them, just download the 1 hour trial version and see. – Montezuma, California